Liz Stilwell

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Member of Australian Meditation Teachers Association (ATMA) and Spiritual Care Australia (SCA)

My lifes’ work has always been health and wellness – originally training as an Occupational Therapist, the teaching of group and individual relaxation processes became an integral and very pleasurable feature of my daily work.

I trained in Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) in the mid 1990’s and for 12 years I maintained a very successful fulltime private practice in Tauranga, NZ, treating clients of all ages for a wide variety of issues. During this time I released 5 Hypnotherapy CDs, and led a Meditation & Support Group for the local Breast Cancer Support Service and a Meditation group for the public.

I relocated to Melbourne in 2010, to become a therapist and group leader for The Gawler Foundation leading groups and counselling people with cancer, and trained as a Meditation teacher. I have since trained with Karuna Buddhist Hospice Service, Brisbane, in spiritual care for the dying, and I have completed trainings in Pastoral Care.

Currently based in Melbourne, I enjoy a varied weekly workload of individual Hypnotherapy & Counselling sessions, Meditation groups and I also work as a Pastoral Carer in a hospice, a major city hospital and Aged Care homes.

Meditation is an important aspect of my own life and work and has profoundly influenced my Hypnotherapy and Counselling style and practice.

Creating and recording for my website has fulfilled a lifelong intention to take my voice further – this work is deeply fulfilling for me and I trust and intend that the recordings serve you well.

Voice is such an important part of Meditation and Hypnotherapy work and over the years I have received a great number of positive comments about my voice, I believe it to be my gift. To use this gift for the benefit of others is my lifes’ work.

I am an experienced public speaker, having addressed many Rotary, health groups and several conferences. I am available for speaking engagements.

There is a sequential pre-destined sense to my work, which has felt like an unfolding calling and I have a passion for serving others in this way. I am passionate about life and living fully and the opportunities that we all have to create and re-create our lives and to change and improve our physical and emotional health…  to embrace change, create visions and move towards their realisation.

Liz Stilwell