Personal Philosophies I’ve developed over many years of therapeutic work…


Firstly, I believe change is often about timing… when sometimes we simply feel almost propelled to seek change & the process begins… and the increasing readiness is of course also part of that process.

Clients seeking Hypnotherapy are usually very ready, however if you feel unsure about whether you’re ready, I would encourage you to wait… and just notice… the results are far better when the conscious mind is open and definite about really wanting the change. That way the subconscious mind really catches the therapeutic suggestions and holds them.

Traumatic events of the past… the old adage that ‘time heals’ may be true in some situations, for example some grief situations, but in the area of trauma I find the events tend to stay filed away in the subconscious able to be easily retriggered by everyday situations…. unless counselling or trauma intervention has occurred soon after the event. NLP and Hypnotherapy together creates a very effective way of allowing the mind to revisit (often in a more detached way), resolve and move on. Many people that come to see me have experienced major trauma and very difficult situations, either in childhood or as an adult.

Unpleasant experiences, especially those that have happened ‘out of the blue’ often have a profound effect upon our personality, impacting self esteem and confidence in daily life in an on-going way. Often people decide to undertake therapy with me when their feelings or symptoms have reached a point of really affecting their relationships or quality of life in a distinct way.

Whilst we can’t reverse or alter the fact that these events have happened, when our perception of the event is changed (by the techniques I commonly use) we tend to feel much more engaged in present life, lighter and able to move on.

Witnessing events… naturally the witnessing of traumatic events is also very disturbing and again is a common reason for people to seek help.

Traumatic Events that I commonly work with include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Assaults
  • Burglaries
  • Bush fire events
  • Domestic violence
  • Rape events
  • Sexual abuse
  • Workplace Bullying & Sexual harassment
  • Situations such as near-drownings
  • School bullying etc

For many years in NZ, I specialised in Post-traumatic stress resolution, receiving regular referrals from GPs and client self referrals and in Melbourne I continue this work. I find these techniques particularly effective in this area with clients reporting major shifts in their emotions around events.