All of my various trainings have included counselling training, and I regularly see clients for counselling around issues such as self esteem, work related problems, illness and relationships.

Whilst counselling is a recognised treatment for many issues, when appropriate, I like at some point to introduce techniques as a means of moving people through their dilemma or situation more easily.

I view this solution focussed therapy as very positive and helpful in the resolution of issues, and feel very comfortable with the range of therapy choices in my work kitbag.

My priority is you the client… your sense of security, safety and comfort both physically and emotionally.

All information shared is strictly confidential.


Increasingly, I’m seeing clients via Zoom & finding it wonderful!  As the client you get to relax in your familiar comfortable surroundings, I get to see you in your home environment, less time is wasted in traffic, and of course I can see you as an interstate client or international client. My clients from New Zealand and Australia that use Zoom have found it the same as being with me face to face in my clinic.

We begin as usual with discussion about your issue, and I explain hypnosis and answer any questions you may have, and then we begin. You sit back or lie back in a comfortable chair or on a couch – I simply need to see your face and chest.

Please contact me if you would like to arrange a Zoom session.

Best wishes in health.


Current charge as at January 2024 – $170 (1 hour & 15 minutes)

If you’d like to book in for Counselling or simply ask a question, please contact me via the button on the right.