Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualisation, the breath, movement or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal or spiritual growth.

Qi gong and Mindfulness Meditation Group

Mt Martha Community House

Wednesdays (4 week blocks) 10.30am – 11.30am

We begin with gentle symmetrical Qi gong movements – Qi gong is an ancient Chinese healing art involving meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises designed to cultivate and balance the body energy/Qi. Benefits of Qi gong include improved general health and wellbeing, calm clear thinking, deeper more restorative sleep, increased energy and improved circulation.

We then move into a Meditation circle for 30 minutes guided Mindfulness into stillness (awareness of breath, sound and body followed by silent stillness) concluding with poetry. And whilst we are inside, we have a wonderful large room looking out to sea.

This group will continue in 4 week blocks throughout the year.

$20 per session – paid in full $80 on registration – No experience necessary, and loose comfortable clothing is ideal. Chairs provided for the Meditation.

Liz Stilwell – Stilwell in Health 🙏

Monday Evening Meditation Group

The ancient practice of Meditation is now a popular stress management tool for western society as our pace of life escalates and means increased demand on both our minds and bodies.

Mindfulness Meditation as a style has gained worldwide acknowledgement as a powerful way of achieving a calm state during a sitting practice but also during daily activities of life.

Join my FREE Monday Zoom Meditation Group:

Venue: Online
Time:  Every Monday 8.00pm to 8.30pm AEST
This is a free opportunity to meditate with an established group, however if you wish to donate, your generosity is most welcome!

New members are continually ‘coming on board’ and we’d love to have you join us. This group is suitable for new and experienced meditators.

We settle in with a few moments of meditative music, then I guide half the session in mindful awareness of breath, sound and body and then we meditate in stillness and silence.

And so any background sounds are not heard, please remain on MUTE

Please note that this group is not a class – however my instruction gently teaches and guides you in the practice. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable place – loose comfortable clothing is advised and perhaps a small rug or shawl for knees or shoulders.

Please contact Liz via the Contact form to have your email address added to the group for the Zoom link – we use the same link each week.

The Weekly Monday Evening Meditation group is free – however if you wish to donate, your generosity is most welcome!
Note: The minimum donation amount is $5.

🙏  Namaste, Liz

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To Meditate…

To meditate does not mean to fight with a problem

To meditate means to observe

Your smile proves it

It proves that you are being gentle with yourself,

that the sun of awareness is shining in you

that you have control of your situation.

You are yourself,

and you have acquired some peace

Thich Nhat Hahn  

When we meditate, we are in relationship with self, taking the time to relax and quietly sit and stay in a state of attention, being present with ourselves. However there are many ways of meditating and many reasons to do it… to relax, to manage stress, to manage pain, contemplation of an issue, spiritual growth, adapting to change and more. Often people decide to learn meditation after a time of extreme busyness or stress, or after a period of distress or life change, recognising that ‘something has to change’ for life to be and feel different.

As we meditate, we learn to use our awareness of breath, sound, dis/comfort, thinking… developing the awareness to notice the thinking of the mind and bringing it back, continually bringing it back to the present moment, so that gradually a sense of peace and stillness exists… a calmness that goes beyond our sitting time, into and influencing our daily lives. To meditate regularly, is to develop a greater sense of personal strength, equanimity and calm.

It is especially helpful to maintain a regular daily practice through times of increased stress.

The scientific research is there, continually providing us with consistent evidence of the many health benefits of meditation – mental, emotional and physical.


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Download a Guided Meditation

“There must have a place in your house or in your mind or a moment in your day where you can go, where you do not know what you owe anyone or what anyone owes you. And you do not know who you are married to and you do not know who your children are and you do not know what your career is. And you go there… not to leave any of those responsibilities behind but to go to a place of first hand remembrance, where you can sit back in conversation with yourself and have a real relationship with yourself.

And this will help you to have a real relationship with your spouse and children and your work and they won’t feel as if they are a burden that you are carrying”.

Joseph Campbell