Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis…

Since 1995 I have treated many many smokers. Whilst the reasons for stopping may vary hugely, the aim is still the same – to quit the habit as painlessly and easily as possible! And to move on as a happy non-smoker…

Many smokers have told me how it was surprisingly easy to stop smoking this way, after struggling with other methods during previous attempts to stop.

Hypnosis is one of the few stop smoking methods that is mind related – most remedies are physically chemically based and don’t deal with the emotional withdrawal from the habit at all. The decision to stop comes from your mind – and I personally and professionally believe that is where the answer lies also.


I’ve developed a very positive & enjoyable 2 session programme of Hypnosis combined with practical ideas and strategies.

I like to conduct the 2 sessions within a few days of each other.

  1. First Session
    In the first session, we discuss the reasons you want to stop, how you want to feel, your smoking history, the specific benefits to you of being smoke free… Many people come to me who have stopped already and simply need some reinforcement, others are regular smokers who have decided to use hypnosis after other methods have been unsuccessful. I also share and discuss with you a couple of practical daily strategies that make a huge difference to outcome success for you.
  2. Second Session
    During this session, suggestions are deepened and compounded with many additional suggestions given about the first 2 or 3 days. I have found this 2 session style extremely successful and YOU feel much more confident about your own success.

I love working in this way with smokers – it’s been very fulfilling over the years having such positive feedback from satisfied smokefree clients – however you do HAVE to be ready, if in doubt…. please wait until you are ready.

Skype sessions are mentioned on the website – I have found Skype to be such a wonderful way of having convenient appointment times for us both, saving time, avoiding traffic, seeing both clients inter-state and internationally.


Current charge as at January 2024 – $170.00 for  a 1 hr & 15 min Session

Please note: In working with any smoker, my main requirement is that you have decided that you really want to stop and that you are very clear in your decision.

I’ve had many people expect me to ‘persuade’ them in the hypnotic state that they should stop! For best results, be ready… and willing to use some recommended ideas.

As per the ethics of the A.H.A. I am not permitted to guarantee success, however when the smoker is highly motivated, success is likely.

I look forward to helping YOU stop the cigarette habit,


If you’d like to book in or simply ask a question, please contact me via the button on the right.

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