Self Esteem – Download


To improve your self esteem is to change your life! With low self esteem “we stick to the low hanging fruit” rather than reaching for that which we truly want and deserve in our lives. Low self esteem or lack of self love affects all aspects of our life and our relationships with others. If you recognise that your relationship with yourself is one of under-valuing yourself and your abilities, then let me assist you. After guiding you into a deeply relaxed state, I remind your mind of your clear decision to value yourself, to believe in and accept yourself, to think more positively and overcome self criticism, to assert yourself appropriately and feel much happier within your own life – Enjoy being yourself! 30 second sample available.

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Audio length: 22:29
File Type: mp3
File Size: 21.6Mb

  1. These downloads are not to be used when you are driving or operating machinery – Usage requires you to close your eyes. Therefore I advise using at home or in an appropriate comfortable environment.
  2. Each of the Downloads begins with a period of guided hypnotic induction or relaxation followed by specific suggestions for the particular issue.
  3. I recommend initially regular daily listening over a 2 week period, thereafter every few days or simply as often as you wish. You will benefit greatly from the relaxation also!
  4. Make sure you’re comfortably warm as your body temperature will likely drop a couple of degrees as you stay still and relaxed.
  5. Try and choose a time when you won’t be disturbed, but if you are interrupted, just continue afterwards or begin again another time.
  6. Please know that at any time, you are able to open your eyes -Hypnosis is not mind control, simply a very deeply relaxed state in which the subconscious mind is open to suggestion – if the suggestion is acceptable to the person. In this circumstance relaxation is used therapeutically. It’s a state you have been in often – when watching TV, or reading a book, absorbed in an activity.
  7. Success is not guaranteed. The ethics of Hypnotherapists Associations forbid therapists to guarantee success, just as a Doctor cannot guarantee treatment will bring about a medical cure or success. However your desire to change is a powerful and wonderful thing.
  8. Importantly, if you feel that your problem is very severe, please do seek a referral to see a counsellor, hypnotherapist, psychologist or suitable specialist. Health is important.
  9. Best wishes to you in Health