Cancer Retreat Testimonials

“I came from New York city for this retreat at great cost and effort. It was so worth it! I felt supported by the group solidarity amongst the participants. Liz and Sandy are highly experienced professionals and were very flexible and always positive and helpful. I also enjoyed the atmosphere created by the Brahma Kumaris.” J.N. US

“The retreat was everything I’d hoped for, and the location itself is stunning and very healing. Liz and Sandy are wonderful – their passion and experience shines through in the booking process, the presentations and all the program content – including very healing meditations and Qi gong every morning. I’m leaving feeling much more optimistic about my future with some solid practical strategies around recovering from cancer.” S.P.

“The cancer retreat is a lovely place to retreat in a beautiful natural environment. The course was so informative and helpful and run in an engaging, affirming, comforting and, dare I say, loving way. It can only add to one’s recovery options.” K.P.

“The retreat provided lots of information, ideas, experiences, techniques and hope for dealing with cancer. The beautiful and peaceful environment further enhanced the experiences at Liz and Sandy’s expert hands. Liz is a fantastic presenter – we really appreciated her style, and there were also important learnings from the experiences of other participants.” D. M.

I have attended several retreats at the Yarra Valley Living Centre for cancer – these experiences and learnings have assisted me not only in my cancer journey and life but introduced me to Meditation which I still practise to this day.
At each of these retreats there have been fabulous learnings, experienced facilitators, new experiences, and meetings with individuals from all walks of life and different places. The whole food plant based food is delicious with great variety & plenty on offer. I am not vegan but I do eat a lot of plant based meals & don’t miss not having animal proteins at all. To anyone who is contemplating attending one of these retreats, just do it.” K.D

Testimonials for Hypnotherapy & NLP

“A big sceptic of Hypnotherapy, I am pleased to be able to say I have given up smoking for coming up 2 years in June. Thank you for your help – I am a happier and healthier person for it” J.F.

“Thanks Liz for the treatment with my fear of flying. I’ve just returned back from the trip to visit family in Scotland and the flights were so much easier. I felt calm before and during each flight which was a big change for me, and I noticed my thoughts were much more positive. I’m looking forward to more holiday travel now that I know it’s finally sorted! Many thanks” S.D.

“After a major car accident 2 years ago I noticed I was feeling really nervous when driving, particularly when using motorways. It had reached the point where I would avoid driving if it was possible as it was so unpleasant for me. I decided to try Hypnotherapy as a friend found it successful. Liz treated me with NLP for post-traumatic stress with the accident first then worked with me around my driving. I’ve regained my confidence and I’m now happy again to be driving instead of dreading it. It was the right decision” L.R.

“I went to Liz Stilwell for Stop smoking sessions as I had been really wanting to stop for a while but kept returning back to it. I found it much easier than I was expecting and it’s great to be free of cigarettes. Between the two sessions, I had a traumatic event happen at work, and Liz treated that during the second session. I’m really happy to refer clients to Liz as her treatment is both warm and professional” F.M.

“I want to recommend Hypnotherapy for exam stress. As a Uni student my study workload and exams had me really stressed last year and I had heard of Hypnotherapy being used for different problems so thought I’d try it. I had two sessions and it’s made a big difference to my stress levels around study and I coped really well with the exams, feeling calm and very focussed. And I really enjoyed the sessions, thanks Liz, it was great.” A.K.

“Over the past 20 years I have had at times many nights with little or restless sleep. I have tried most remedies suggested to me with none really giving me a sound sleep. A year ago I went to visit Liz Stilwell for Hypnotherapy sessions and after 4 sessions I was sleeping well. Before going to sleep I would listen to a sleep tape she made me which would totally relax my mind and body allowing me to fall asleep without all the busy chatter going on in my head. I don’t listen to the sleep tape on a regular basis any more as I feel I now have a good sleep pattern, but in times of stress I listen to Lizs Stress Management CD which never fails to have a calming effect on me. I consider the CD to have been a wise investment in maintaining a better balance in my life” H.R.L.

“I use Liz Stilwells Stress Management CD upon waking up in the morning. I find it sets me up for the day putting me in a positive frame of mind mentally while relaxing my body. I use the long relaxation track, and the shorter track when I need to unwind, perhaps from a busy day at work or if something has upset me. I play the stress management tips weekly to remind myself of the best ways to keep myself balanced. I thoroughly recommend his CD as an essential tool for stress management”. M.B.

“I’ve been using Liz Stilwells Relaxation for Stress Management CD for some time now. The first track exercise and talk are soothing and the affirmations and suggestions are uplifting. I feel somewhat energised and more positive afterwards. Music is the direct route to (my) emotions as it perhaps quickly gets through any resistance and this really hits the spot as a recipe for relaxation. The guitar is beautiful and quite entrancing. It sets the mood perfectly. The affirmations are pleasant and the message simple and Lizs voice is gentle and soothing. I challenge anyone not to feel relaxed and more positive after listening to this.” M.C.

Remote Sessions

“I first saw Liz three years ago to stop smoking and drinking – the successful outcome from this changed my life.  More recently we had sessions over skype which I have found equally effective and far more convenient as I live over an hour away and have a baby. If you have a problem you need help with I would highly recommend calling Liz”.

(M.P, Melbourne – 2016)

“I have had 2 Skype hypnotherapy sessions with Liz and found the experiences positive, professional and very worthwhile. Being able to do the sessions in my own bedroom made the whole experience more relaxing, comfortable and secure. Also we were able to schedule the sessions for a time in the evening that did not feel rushed. I preferred not having to find time in a busy day to drive, find parking and then have an appointment. It was much easier to be at home at a convenient time talking to Liz via Skype. I have had great benefits from the hypnotherapy sessions and would definitely do it again.”  (C.S – NZ)

Monday Free Meditation

“My sincere thanks for your regular Monday night meditations which are such an wonderful staple for me and my cancer journey.  I know it is a huge contributor to my still being here, my general health and wellbeing. Incredibly grateful to be included.” T.H.

Meditation Group

“This is a beautiful organised hour of quiet meditative peaceful stillness. Liz is an excellent guide” AB

“Liz is a naturally very gifted person who has the ability to help me deepen my meditation. Since the Black Saturday bushfires, meditating with Liz (or counselling with Liz) helps me to get through the day” ER

“I have been meditating at home for a few years & recently began attending the drop-in Meditation sessions in Hawthorn facilitated by Liz. As a Meditation teacher, Liz is supportive, open, compassionate and accepting. She has a wonderfully soft & calming voice. Meditating with likeminded people, guided by an experienced Meditation teacher such as Liz, is great for gaining additional motivation & deepening the practice” CL

“I’m grateful to have found this Tuesday group and pleased to find how beneficial Meditation is for me. I find that the hour I spend with you and your group on a Tuesday keeps me calm from week to week. It doesn’t matter how stressed or tense I feel when I arrive, I always leave completely calm and ready for any challenges that come my way” BM

“I have been meditating for a decade now and have attended many different meditation sessions led by Buddhist monks and western meditation teachers. For the past two years I’ve attended weekly sessions led by Liz. She is an experienced Meditation teacher and I like her gentle, no-nonsense approach. The meditation sessions are an hour long. The first half hour is guided which helps me to completely relax and quieten my mind, so that when we go into the second half of silent meditation I feel able to sit with myself. There is warmth and laughter when we finish. The fact that Liz is a counsellor also helps. She is sensitive and helpful, in a non-interfering way, with difficulties that people in the class experience in their meditation practice. I highly recommend Liz” HB